The Greater Sacramento NAACP – Working for YOU!

As a non-profit bipartisan organization, the national and local NAACP branches play a vital role in voter registration and in addressing human and civil rights issues.

Programs and services are offered FREE of charge. They include:

Legal Counseling Services: Responds to an average of 60 calls a month from residents with questions, complaints or legal concerns. Typical areas include: school expulsion, detention, and suspensions; human and civil rights disparities, housing discrimination, and police misconduct and/or an officer involved shooting.

Financial Literacy: Develop the knowledge and skills to understand how money works, how to manage, earn, make and invest for the long term.

New Home Buyers Empowerment: First time home buyers or persons not owning a home within past 3 years are assisted with obtaining financing, qualifying for tax credits, understanding credit scoring in order to purchase a home.

Know Your Rights Seminars: Disseminates information and counsels youth on what to do when stopped by law enforcement and how to protect their rights.